Lost in the Time Vortex is a series produced by ChiqueGeeks. To date, five "episodes" have been uploaded to their YouTube channel.

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The videos are essentially a load of random footage recorded by the duo, compiled in to one video. The first video, simply titled "Lost in the Time Vortex #1" was released on 12 May 2014. The most recent was uploaded on 14 April 2015. There is no set schedule to these videos, as they are only uploaded when enough "random" footage has been recorded to make a sufficient YouTube video.

The videos average 3000 "views" and tie fans and followers over until a new reaction video is recorded.

Episodes Edit

  • "Lost in the Time Vortex #1", 12 May 2014
  • "Lost in the Time Vortex #2", 21 July 2014
  • "Lost in the Time Vortex #3", 20 November 2014
  • "Lost in the Time Vortex #4", 2 March 2015
  • "Lost in the Time Vortex #5", 14 April 2015

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