ChiqueGeeks (Amy Tandberg and Marita "Mary" Holm) are two female "reactors" from Norway. They are best known for filming their reactions to popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Sherlock.

The channel was created on 20 March 2013.


Mary (left) and Amy (right) about to film one of their iconic "drunk reaction" videos.

Style Edit

Most of their reaction videos are tagged as being *DRUNK*. This is perhaps the duo's signature style of reacting, as they are often drinking alcoholic substances throughout the content. Their channel, "ChiqueGeeks" was opened in March 2013 and currently boasts nearly 4,000,000 video views as well as nearly 20,000 subscribers.

The pairs first "official" reaction video was for the Series 7 finale of Doctor Who, "The Name of the Doctor". The video mainly contained screaming and "fangirling" but nevertheless, received a generally positive reactions from viewers. This prompted them to create more reaction videos to as many episodes as possible.

ChiqueGeeks created and uploaded their first reaction videos quite a large while before the current craze of "reactors" on YouTube; as of 2016. You COULD consider them to be one of the channels that started it all.

Since 2017, they have never appeared again, leading many fans to suggest their tradition is over with.


Although Mary and Amy try and produce as much content as possible, the pair often reside in different countries so, for practical and logistical reasons, content is often delayed or does not happen at all. 

ChiqueGeeks are considered the inspiration for many reactors including Torchwood Boy and Liam Catterson, as well as undoubtedly many many more. They are often described as "the fangirls who aren't annoying". A large amount of the comments in the comments section showcase many users surprise at how much they enjoyed the video.

Other VideosEdit

When Mary and Amy are together, but have nothing of particular importance to react to, they create a large amount of other videos in order to keep their fans and followers entertained. These include the "Lost in the Time Vortex" series, Question and Answer sessions, general vlogs as well as a "Sweet Talking" series.

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